I'm leaving

so, yeah.
I graduated from 38 SHS with flying colors. want to know my score?
Bahasa : 8,40
English : 9
Math : 9
Physics : 9
Chemistry : 5, 75
Biology : 8
well, I couldn't ask for more. Pa & Ma reaction towards my chem score is surprisingly flat. they don't even ask why. well, I think they fail too on this subject, that's why they're not surprised I got such score. it's in my gene.
and I think pictures will tell more than words do.

it's their loss for not accepting me :p (I don't even want to be there anyway)

so you know where will I be for the next four years

I've been trying to keep my head off from these moving-out-thingy. maybe I'm exaggerating things, but, none of my siblings have ever moved out from home until they're married. so yeah, Ma & Pa have been extremely worried and over protective to me lately.
well, catch y'all with the latest news later. gtg. bye.