Walked Away

this vid really reminds me of... well, my life.
all these times I've been too busy mending my broken heart
too busy living my present, forget to plan my future
too busy stepping on my days, forget to fly my dreams
too busy trying to let go, forget to hold on to the bests that I had
&sometimes I've been living my days on a box, and I'm still not realizing it.
too many borders around, too many rules not to break

one day I even forgot what is the color of our sky
cause everything just seemed to be black and gray

I know I can always look up and fly
but still, I'm too scared to loose something that's already gone away
I think it's the time for me to stop thinking
stop stepping into another fragile day that started with a gloomy morning

I won't promise to myself that tomorrow's gonna be better
cause I've tried and only get myself disappointed by the fact
I think I'm just gonna give it another try
and another try
and another try
even by doing so makes me forget my reason to start
at least I still have one aim that I'll hold onto

at least I have reason not to stop and then rewind all these paragraphs again
and stop living my days like a bargain
I'll find my way to ease every pain