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i have mention once or twice here that mom brought such huge influence for me to read since i was very young, and it become more like a habit than a hobby until now. so i'm gonna review some of the books that i've read during 2010. oh well, i can't remember each and every book so i'm just gonna write some of the most memorable one tee-hee~ hope this could help you who's also interested on reading but confused to decide which one to read first. here we go:

1. The Book of Lost Things by John Conolly (☆)

this book started with the complications of David's family. he lost his mother on early years of his age. his mother death caused by an illness, David's father seemed like couldn't bear the wound by himself he found another women (Rose) and make her his wife. they moved into Rose's house and David got a room were formerly owned by Rose's uncle Jonathan Tulvey. Jonathan Tulvey have the exact same hobby like David, they both were love reading books, until one day David thought that he's losing his mind because he started to hear the books inside his bedroom whispering while he's sleeping. not so long after his father remarried Rose gave birth and make him got a new step brother, Georgie. this newborn baby attract most of his parent attention and he felt neglected. so one day (the story's timeline background were during the World War II) he walks to the garden where his favorite spot belong then German's plane bombed some place near his house, David wanted to hide in some safer place and got himself climbing a wall then dropped into a hole that turned out to be connected into a whole different world. he met a woodsman there then his journey begin to find his way back to the real world.
the whole storyline of this book was epic! it was like every single detail that support the main story were put in  the exact right timing. and also, the collaboration of the old fairytales like Snowwhite, Hansel and Gretel, etc during David's journey are amazing. each and every fairy tales were 'translated' into a whole new yet surprising ending that none have ever imagine. then another main character that've been jumping from page to another - Crooked Man - also drained a lot of curiosity about his true form. and in the end of the story, the epic-ness just got into a whole new level. every single questions answered and every single throb that skipped during the story relieved. it's must read novel if you haven't got a chance to read one.

2. Tuesdays With Morrie by Mitch Albom (☆)
This Novel speaks about a life of Morrie Schwartz who is dying because of Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis (ALS), google it yourself to know what ALS means hahaha. Mitch, Morrie’s exstudent, write down their conversation about Morrie’s life after the ALS attacked him when Mitch came to visit him every Tuesday.
It’s unique to see how different a person would think and act when he’s closer to death each day, and it makes me think too – as a youngster and still have a long journey to go (perhaps) – that it isn’t too late to change my point of view about life. Morrie doesn’t exaggerate his ALS and how many time left to live his life, he finished his job while he still breathing instead. He’s doing as many good thing as he could before his time is up. He started to change his point of view about life, he stopped following the culture that always tell him what to do and others..
One thing that really got stuck in my head after reading this novel is :
“Everytime you breath, you’re closer to death, and there’s no way to deny it, admit it. And whether you realize it or not, your heartbeat is getting slower each second and it will stop beating someday. You never now when, where, how you will die, but there’s one thing that’s valid about your death, it is coming and you definitely can do something, not to deny it, but to change and do some goods before you’re gone. There’s no other way to go that could be more peaceful than dying but there are many people who will always remember your kindness and all the good times they had when they’re together with you though you’re not existed on this earth anymore.”

3. Perahu Kertas by Dewi 'Dee' Lestari ()
Kugy were this quirky girl that is profoundly fond of fairytales. since her early age she've been writing fairy tales of her own and her only dream was to become a successful fairytale writer, but she realized that it's not an easy dream to catch. Keenan on the other side madly in love with painting world and never had another dream but to become a painter, but his promise with his father make him continue his study majoring in Economy Study. they were both studying in the same University and get to know each other by something that might be called as 'fate'. from then they became like two sides of a coin, inseparable. as time goes by they can't deny that they grow a heart for each other but somehow they just can't spit it. and time - itself - slowly separate them by their own activities. and just like that, they began to get used to not being friends. but their feelings: never fade.
Dewi Lestari in her own way bring such a common theme - Love - into a cute yet mature yet hits-where-it-hurts storyline. the flow of this story intoxicate the readers to not stop reading this novel. the main characters were like heaven-match-made, they complete each other in the way that also built a wall between themselves. Dee gave these main characters a totally different path to live after they're separated but NEVER forget the essence of how they love each other, how they tried to love another but keeps on failing until one day faith really brought them back together in a sweet tragedy that then make them truly complete each other in one boat, ready to sail their life together as a couple. it's a story about a heart, that no matter how far have traveled, will always back home. just like a paper boat (Perahu Kertas) that goes on with the flow of the river until it reached its estuary.

4. Rectoverso by Dewi 'Dee' Lestari ()
this novel contains 11 short story that each have a different storyline that's connected with a red line that's: Rectoverso. Rectoverso itself means two different pictures that actually is one. this is what Dee's trying to tell, that in our life there are many things that seemed to be different but actually is one, like female and male, black and white, or words and music ;) Rectoverso born in two form, novel + CD, and each short story have its own song in the CD, vice versa. Dewi Lestari give a whole new sensation of reading the song and hearing the story with this unique collaboration. let's take a peek on the inside of the novel, not only filled by words, it's also filled with illustrations and photos. i must say, this have never done in any novel in Indonesia &it feels sooo good to read the story/enjoying the photos/understanding the illustrations/hearing the song that all of them were working to complete each other in order to help the reader achieving a greater understanding of what Dee's trying to tell. NONE of the short story were less interesting, each is uniquely inspiring and worth your spare time.

5. Twilight by Stephenie Meyer ()
na ah, i'm not gonna sweat myself by writing Twilight's synopsis. if you still don't know how's things going on inside this novel, GO GOOGLE IT. it's like all over the universe. this vampire-madness is impossible to be invisible.
i've read this novel and i must admit that at the first time (when it was like only few people who READ the actual novel instead of just WATCH the movie), it's great. but now considering the fact everybody have known it, it became less interesting. but anyway, i will try to be objective when write this review. Bella Swan, the shiny-new-toy in Forks, have to deal with her own-self conflict and her conflict with this vampire Edward Cullen. (oh come on, everybody know that.) okay, let's just get straight to the point. i think Stephenie Meyer praise ANY characters on this novel TOO MUCH, like these beauty-ness doesn't even exist even in an imagination world. it's waaay over the top, &i am myself actually don't like the exaggeration that she wrote. ok. i don't want to attract more haters for what i wrote here. period.

6. New Moon by Stephanie Meyer (☆☆)
na da. not this too. go google its synopsis.
this time, Edward left Bella - for her own safety, he said (oh for fuckery sake) - and half of the book is filled with how miserable Bella was without Edward. i must say again, at the first time i read it, this novel seemed to be just fine but of course, boooorrrriiiinnnngggg. and after those publicity and else and else, this novel started to seemed like a dull. i don't even want to waste my time reading this for the second time. (unless i got stuck in a nowhere-deserted-island and i brought nothing but this novel). Stephenie Meyer, perhaps, for the second time show to me that exaggeration is a must in every single sentences there. d'uh.
oh, &have i mentioned that Jacob Black - that happens to be Bella's other half but she, herself admit that she loves Edward until death when death itself doesn't exist when you're immortal - turned into a werewolf? well, he did.

7. Eclipse by Stephanie Meyer (☆☆)
yup! the same with the one above, google its synopsis!
this time Bella will have to make a real hard decision between Jacob and Edward. at this point - even at the first time i read it- BELLA SWAN IS A TOTAL SLUT, such a shame that Stephenie made her as the main character. i finished reading this novel in a MONTH, the longest record ever. why? because it's totally boring, i read this because my very best friends forced me to and i got none to read as well. i thought at her third novel Stephenie will cut out the exaggeration even a bit, but again, she never fail to disappoint me.

8. Breaking Dawn by Stephanie Meyer (★☆)
Breaking Dawn is split into three separate parts. The first part details Bella's marriage and honeymoon with Edward, which they spend on a private island, called Isle Esme, off the coast of Brazil. Two weeks into their honeymoon, Bella realizes that she is pregnant with a half-vampire child and that her condition is progressing at an unnaturally accelerated rate. The novel's second part is written from the perspective of shape-shifter Jacob Black, and lasts throughout Bella's pregnancy and childbirth. Jacob's Quileute wolf pack, not knowing what danger the unborn child may pose, plan to destroy it, also killing Bella. Jacob vehemently protests this decision and leaves, forming his own pack with Leah and Seth Clearwater. Bella soon gives birth, but the baby breaks many of her bones and she loses massive amounts of blood. In order to save her life, Edward changes her into a vampire by injecting his venom into her heart.
finally! i found that this last chapter quite interesting. perhaps because FINALLY bella turning into a vampire. she could get what she wants then have a baby then have a happy life forever, literally. the best part possibly is when the cullens gather other vampires in this whole world to help them prove to Volturi that reneesme isn't an immortal child. that's all. oh! &i don't like this saga that much i don't even care to put a synopsis on my own. i copy-paste it from wikipedia.

9. The Hunt for Atlantis by Andy McDermott (★☆)
the hunt for the lost civilization of Atlantis have been one of many people's obsession. Nina, who lost both of her parents during their searching for Atlantis, promised herself that she'll finish what her parents have started. after long research to find the exact coordinate of Atlantis she got into a serious journey to find where Atlantis really is with the rich owner of Frost Foundation. along the way of her journey to find Atlantis with Kari Frost she got tangled with Selasphorus Fraternity who'll do anything to stop anyone from discovering Atlantis. will Nina finally get to know where Atlantis is?
at the first glance i thought that this novel will be exciting and tell me a bit or more about Atlantis, turned out to be the fact that it's more like a action novel (which i don't really fond of). there really is nothing to be so exciting about this novel when it comes to telling about Atlantis itself, but if you're an action-novel lover, this novel might just suit you well. after all, i do admit that i have an adrenaline rush once or twice.

10. Clair-de-Lune by Cassanda Golds(★☆)
Clair-de-Lune lives with her grandmother at the top of old, tall, narrow, and odd building. her mother once were a ballet dancer, a very famous one, that died on stage while performing one routine. Clair-de-Lune was just a baby back then, she never speak a word ever since. her grandmother, in substitute of her mother, never allows her to learn anything except things that she taught. she continues her grandmother's wish to her mom and learn ballet, then she met Bonaventure (a rat dancer who can speak). Bonaventure took her to a mysterious monastery in a corner of the odd building where she lives. there, she learn to speak and be true to herself.
this is a good bed-story, it teaches many moral values yet entertaining. but considering my age i think i was too old to read this kind of story, perhaps children at age 8-13 will be a perfect mate for this novel. it's imaginative, descriptive, and full of surprises. and the closing chapter of this novel, also surprising and relieving.

11. Gossip Girl: You're The One That I want by Von Ziegesar (☆☆☆☆)
Nate Archibald and Blair are back together, again and everyone is waiting for college acceptance letters. Blair and Serena open the letters together. Serena gets into every school she applies to, including Yale, Blair's dream school. Blair gets placed on the waiting list for Yale and only gets accepted into Georgetown and she is not happy about it. Nate gets into every school he applied to with Brown and Yale promising him spots on the lax teams. After finding out that Blair got wait listed for Yale he decided not to tell her about getting in. blahblahblah, read more here
i'm not such a huge fan of gossip girl, and this one really is confusing me. perhaps because i don't really read the whole series from the first novel. but really, the whole flowing of this novel really is not that interesting, and the web that reveal every single detailed gossips, come on, it couldn't be real. to conclude, it tells pretty much nothing but craps about Manhattan uperside elite lives.

12. Refrain (Saat Cinta Selalu Pulang) by Winna Efendi (★☆)
this novel tells about the friendship between 3 juveniles during their high school. slowly but sure there's not only friendship that grows, there also loves. then it become an awkward relationship between them cause they're no longer supporting each other, instead, they hurt one and another. how will they survive their friendship after everything that happens lately?
the cover is interesting, that's a plus from this novel. when you open the envelope you'll find a letter written "it's always been you", how cute huh? the theme of the story is pretty much common and suitable for adolescent who still in need to find what love means and this and that. other thing that i love from this novel is its quotation: "when love always go home"

reading 25 books this 2011 is definitely on my wishlist. hope i can do it well :) here's the books that i've bought but never had a chance to read them, so yeah, they're on my reading list this 2011!

i couldn't wait to have a semester break and read them!!! anyhow let me know your fav books, i'll find a way to read them as well. oh! &keep to supports coming for me here, thankyou loves.