The Restless Nights

after taking a short getaway to Jtown &skipping classes I was back to the old (yet new) routine. &hell all those activity (studying, doing tasks, being a part of uni's events, having fun, blending in, &all) did really steal almost all of my energy.
Thank God mom did pass this hobby to me since i was born, i always love to read, any kind of book :) this helped me to get through my most-boring day then turned it upside down.
i found that Law at many aspects do hold a crucial part (we're gonna talk about that later) &extremely needed eversince. but I'm this kind of person that's easily get bored by one topic &have such eager to know more &else. so one day Me, Reiko, Yessy, Tioma, & Rachel hop on our Uni's Library. I always love library, it's almost like a holy place to me. and our Uni's Library wasn't so big &stacked millions of books &made me gone mad-happy like a bee just got a sugar rush, but it was enough perhaps.
maybe you guys can conclude by my header or my profile picture or more photos from this blog that i'm profoundly in love with astronomy. it's like an endless obsession of mine, knowing more and more and more and more about this whole universe. so i (literally) run to the Astronomy section and searched for a good one to read &borrowed &&ended up knowing that ALL of those Astro books are interesting. so i randomly picked one then strolled around to find another interesting subject to read then decided to read about personality science. i'm excited like fuck to finish reading these two :DD

The Cosmic Voyage (Through Time and Space)

Personality (Theories Basic Assumptions, Research, and Applications) by Larry A. Huelle & Daniel J. Ziegler

i'm currently in Jtown until Tues, will be skipping classes on Monday &going to UI's Library with my Panda then finishing some tasks. hop on me if you'll be there as well, or if you're in town too let's arrange a meeting :D i'd love getting to know some new friends :)
so this is all that I can tell from my past week, tell me about yours!

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