Who Are You?

Can you tell me where you are on that picture? I bet you can't even after magnifying for millions times.
Not even close to where your hometown placed.
This topic brings back memories from early 2008 where I started learning Astronomy. This is the reason why I fond of it ever since.
To learn astronomy is to learn about the origin of this universe, to finally learn your existence and the probability to find other tribes that live on the other end of this space & reveal other secrets that nature has been keeping for itself. But for this post, let's just focus on "our existence" point.

Magniloquence has been something that accepted as something humane nowadays, all of us have this trait inside no matter how hard we've tried to hide it and cover it with sweet words. I do have it too, and I’m not proud saying it. I instead feel ashamed of how I’ve treated others who I looked down on all these times. So why did I start to write this post in the first place? Because I want YOU to know what I've knew & learned and perhaps change into a better one.

Some people needs a rude awakening to realize how bad they’ve turned into; some people just need to listen. And I have my moment of ‘awakening’ this morning when I attended PHI class. One of my lecturers drag in the topic of human existence, he said the exact same line as my Astronomy teacher said: “We, human, are nothing.”
Now referring to that line let’s think of how we’ve been treating other humans we met in our daily life. How many times you’ve made someone feels miserable for something you've said or done? Have you ever thought that even the most inhuman person you’ve ever know IS still a human? Do you remember that cashier, librarians, phone operator, builder, teller, maid, people that take a tiny role in your life ARE humans? Have you treated them the way you should treat a human? Do you remember that they – though not taking an important play – still are the ones that complete your days?

You are one of other billions humans that live on planet earth and we still discovering the chance of finding another creature who’s human-likely and share a universe with us, and that vacancy is still open until now. Our mighty Sun only categorized as small-sized red star, less hot than those blue stars, smaller than other normal stars, even our Sun is nothing compared to other stars in this universe. And our universe is only something that humans can only predict and travel through several finite lengths, and there’s still a chance of finding other universes floating around space and time. After knowing all these facts, how could you still be so arrogant and snooty about small things? What’s with the big-head that remains empty inside since you’re too cocky to accept others’ sayings?

So please, keep this in mind when compliments get way too deep into your heart and turn it into some rotten-obnoxious-thing that block your mind from seeing fact that your achievements are not that great so then you have the power to look down on others or bring them down. Treat others the way you should treat a human, not animal, not indefinite things. Respect them since we all share this earth, this Sun system, this galaxy, this universe, this time and space.

Please remember this.
"No human is big enough to make others small."