Hippie v('o')v

while i'm having such good time with myself browsing on the internet i found such beauty that i can't ignore, then i said to myself that i HAVE TO draw her at any costs. no matter how ugly she'd turned out in my drawing & whatsoever. so here's the inspiration that moved my heart to move my fingers then start to draw on empty paper once again.

too bad i didn't know who is she, and i totally forgot whose photograph is this. i really am sorry :( i hope i didn't rush the last time i save this picture into my harddisk. if anybody happens to know who is she or who took the picture, let me know!

and get ready! here's the result from her inspiring beauty in my hand...
The Sketch. b, 2b, 4b pencil drawing // a4 paper.
b, 2b, 4b pencil drawing // digital touch-ups // digital art
i know i didn't capture her beauty well and turned out drawing a whole different person. but hey, it doesn't matter where did you take it, what matters is to where you're gonna take it. any comment or critic is warmly accepted!