The Same Old Days





i feel like sharing everything lately. so i found these pictures on my laptop and they remind me of two persons that i'm longing to see lately: Rama & Nungky

he's been a bestfriend of mine since i'm on the first grade of senior high school. we just 'click'ed right away and became a chairmate eversince. he's a real good guy, good as is kind-hearted, patient, doesn't smoke, etc etc. he's having a birthday yesterday & i forgot (yea bitch, i'm THAT forgetful. i'm so sorry ram :( i'll surprise you later, ayte? trust me)

the craziest girl i've ever known and i love so much. we're living in the same town now, but meeting her is like an impossible mission that even agent 007 can't handle. i missed her so much. i'll kidnap her someday & do the same old things we used to love back in high school

if you both got any chance to read this, please note this: DAMN IT!!! WHERE ON EARTH ARE YOU??!!! it's impossible to reach you guys, so stop making me feel like you both have turned into a cavemen!!! i hate you!