Week 3, March 2011

Putra's Birthday Surprise 3

Putra's Birthday Surprise 2

Talkshow EduArt

Pubdok EduArt

Putra's Birthday Surprise
it was around 11pm or more and we're gonna have an early morning class tomorrow but heck, it's our friend's birthday & i thought it ain't a sin to "express" our gratefulness toward his new age by doing this, right? RIGHT?? so yeah, the classic prank we did to those who's having a birthday. dressing him with flour, eggs, water, and the Birthday Cake's icing. nobody can hold back the gusto to "dress" others once they had a chance to do so. and as you can see, we ended up "dressed" in flour and cream. you can't really tell who's having a birthday and who did the prank :p
Happy Birthday, Put. Godspeed! :D

PMK Education and Art Fair (EduArt)
another project on my campus that i've been digging lately. loads and loads and loads of things to design and edit and publish and re-edit and re-design and re-publish and announce and more more more more of photoshopped things, but i thank God that it's finally over with a positive feedbacks from participants. waking up until late night to finish the jobdesks before they meet the deadline was one hell of an adrenaline rush. but it was fun, keeps my head spinning and working, keeps me noticed that at least i'm still good at it. love the teamwork and a little surprise for the chairman after the final day. a bit of mineral water should be enough to refresh the joy, eh? ;)
(PS: there's a closing video that my team have made. i'm still working on the permit to publish it here. this post will surely updated once i've had the approval)

still have like 2 or 3 projects to finish this month and the following month! wish me all good lucks and your survival tips against the killer deadline (AND killer deadlocked ideas) will be so much appreciated! and midterm tests are also coming in my way, i'm nervous, dang it! God, i need your mercy.