Cranky Noon

it was Wednesday, the day where everybody's rushing to get done with their dense classes and pack them things up then get ready to go back to their homes. none was relaxed and enjoyed this day like it was all sunny and bright, everybody's on their worse moods, tense, stressed, really itched seeing time flies so slow.
the night before i had a sleptover on Aurora's room, we stayed up late until 2am or more, then woke up really early then rushed back to my room (which is about 7km away) then rushed to catch my first class that day on DaJok (which is approximately 5km away) then back to my last class on Dipati Ukur (which perhaps is around 4km away).
meet Aurora and Nico at campus to have our lunch together, decided to eat pancakes at Yuki's then stroll a bit around the area to get to the cafe.
Nico's rushing to prepare things up then catch his flight to Palembang, I were rushing to book a ticket to Jtown and pack everything up, Aurora's rushing to finish her assignment which deadline's 1 hour away, everybody's everywhere with no sign of appearance, it's just not the best day to enjoy a plate of pancake and a glass of milkshake.
while waiting for Aurora finished her assignment i took a picture or two, pure because i'm bored and also tired. Nico already left early and Aurora struggling with her assignment and I'm alone with my thoughts (&my friend's camera).

cranky noon6

cranky noon5

cranky noon1

cranky noon3

cranky noon2

cranky noon4

oh, &btw, here's a bit of my daily agenda. a piece of thing that holds fragments of time that happen in my daily life. cause they're too precious to be forgotten, or too unnecessary to take part in my brain's memory.
cranky noon11

cranky noon9

cranky noon7

cranky noon8

in the end of our meeting, there's no really "goodbye", "take care", "have a save flight", or those kind of heart-warming farewell message. there's just, "bye". a cold and tired "bye".