it's my favorite place, i'll possibly be there anytime i feel like pushing people away and leave alone my self with my own thoughts. the views from up here were breathtaking, pardon me for not capturing them well, you got to see them yourselves (+ the night scenes from up here were amazing. i can stay here for hours just laying and stargazing &doesn't even think of getting bored! pictures of night scene perhaps will be posted next time, only if i remember to do so :p)

today's MAD HOT, perhaps the Sun is in the real good mood to accompany anyone who's doing anything outdoor. but i consider it's a great chance to go up and let the Sun baths me with its ray while i'm letting go bothering thoughts of mine up here (&of course taking some pictures).
anyway, i'll warmly welcome anyone who wants to join the pack of rooftop kids along with me and Aurora hehehehe (you REALLY got to see the view from her rooftop! it's be-yond breathtaking!!!)
well, it's still 3:26 pm & i still got heaps of subjects to memorize for i'll have 3 midterm tests tomorrow *sigh*
time to go.

support my friend's band by listening to their mini album here: :D
ask me or their twitter (@Asshtray_) for further infos.
peace out!!!