06.02 am

IMG_9104.JPG_effected copy

it's the typical red-ish glow that i've missed for like decade. the exact same that used to be my fave color every morning i went to school.
now it's there, shy-ly appears with its own-kind-of-exquisite blush.
then i said "Hello, again" :)

i smell again the breeze that once appears on my early year here in Bandung. the time when everything's just plain new, and odd, and foreign, and just exciting.
then i started to feel it again: happiness over simple things just because it's what it is, it's as new as it's ever been. the exciting feeling you get from new surroundings.
but this time, it's more like the exciting feeling i get from new perceptions over old surroundings.

i feel freshened. am ready to face tomorrow, again.
i should really thank God for giving me such enlightening beauty this morning just at the time when i need it.

am happy, my cheek will blush just as red as this beauty from smiling today & so forth :")
am ready to life, again.
good morning!