Suprême at its Simplest

it's been too long we've kept away from fresh air that even the quickest grasp inject such pain into our lungs. too many works to get rid of, too many tests to succeed at, simply too many things to take care of but ourselves. each day is a whole new higher level, it's harder than ever before, it's pushing you to use everything you have to just call it a day. we unconsciously move in such rapid speed, acceleration at its highest, fearless of what's to come. forget such thing as: physical limitation.

then we hit the brake.
out of breath, panting, heart beating like crazy, until for once: everything started to make sense. we're human, again.

Lembang 3

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Lembang 2

Lembang 1

we enjoy the break like we've never had one before, spending our nights with simple things that we've silently desired to do since God-knows-when.
laughing like we're on a race of whose lungs are gonna come out first.
sharing life like telling a story to a complete stranger that you know for sure won't have any chance to spit them back out to another.
coffee or hot chocolate the moment we wake up.
simplest form of music through the guitar.
morning breeze with freshest air on the peak of a hill.


we're simply happy at its truest. a grand moment whose memories last a lifetime.