oh i miss those day when the sky is brightly blue, the breeze is slightly cold, and there is nothing to do left but enjoying the day. believing that whatever i did, the day will be beautifully spent.
i was in a casual relationship with these kind of days.

it's not that i've been living such horrible time lately, it's just those works are too demanding for me to have another idle day. and i can say that it's not a bad thing, at least i have something that keeps me going each day. i'm that type of person who needs to be kept busy or else i won't do any good being lazy.
i can feel now how much i've grown while juggling with whatever i'm currently busy doing, how many changes i've applied to my self and daily lives, and i can totally feel that i am slightly different than what i used to be to those closest people around me.

and for now, i could just say thanks to God that i finally have free time after a hectic month. a time to spend with my self and closest ones.

Lomography Diana F+ Clones: Mr. Pink
xpro film, forgot the exact name.