BookReview: George's Secret Key to The Universe by Lucy & Stephen Hawking

George's Secret Key to The Universe, Lucy &Stephen Hawking
The book started with George missing his pig, Freddy, that happens to be lost at his neighbor "spooky" house. the house has always been empty ever since George's family joins the neighborhood, but when Freddy gets in George finds that the new family has just moved in, that's when he meets Eric who works as a scientist, in physics specifically, and his daughter Annie who's a bit younger than George. George has always lived in no-technology-allowed family, both of his parents are environmentalists who apply every single acts they could to save the earth from doom. but things started to change after George become friend with Annie and show some real great interest in Astronomy to Eric. Eric finally decided to help George understanding the Universe by "introducing" him to Cosmos, the super computer who can open you a door to the real universe. Knowing that Astronomy was so much fun, George decided to throw himself into a competition where he'd do a presentation about The Universe, plus the prize for the first winner is a computer, a thing that he'd never get from his parents. but to do so, he of course need some helps from Eric and Annie for the preparation. but at the day right before the competition, Eric's trapped inside a blackhole and there's nothing George can do since Cosmos's stolen. will George save Eric and own his first-ever computer?
referring to the writer's last name i suppose that this book will be more scientific than it looks, but turned out that it's a pure fun and enjoyable children literature, with cute illustration, full-color universe pics with glossy paper, big font (hehe), and simple yet thrilling plot. i am a big fan of astronomy since forever, i just wish i had read this book long long ago. both of the writers have a unique way of explaining astronomy's most basic lesson through all over this book, & that is why i will bequeath this book to my children in the future.